Getting SEO done – why being agile is the best SEO skill in 2020

SEO in 2020 is a hugely nuanced subject – and as the channel’s importance continues to grow, we find ourselves in the unique position of needing an over-arching view of every part of the business that affects a user’s experience of a site.

But too many SEO campaigns are still following the same approach for every campaign. Or get stuck in a depressing cycle of technical issues, development queues and a lack of buy-in from the client when our job today is simply to help build a better website. And who better to do that than us with our overview of all the moving parts?

In this talk, I’d like to share why the most important skill in SEO isn’t technical SEO, content generation or building links, it’s being able to get solutions in place and to keep on improving your user’s experience. We’ll look at how to break SEO work into constant bitesize improvements, and why this can make it much easier to get results plus momentum that everyone can buy into

Beliggenhed: 1. Teatersalen Dato: 29. januar 2020 Tid: 13:30 - 14:10 Charlie Williams