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JavaScript primer for technical SEO

Brief info

JavaScript primer for technical SEO

In this session, we will explore how JavaScript has impact on websites and the basics of JavaScript that every SEO should know and understand.

Friendly internet fairy & code magician:

I am a software developer with solid experience in software development for the web, windows, linux and embedded devices, including Android experience.
I am fluent with C/C++/C#, Java / Scala, PHP, Python, Javascript (including node.js) and intermediate with Perl, Ruby.

Windows- and Linux kernel space are familiar topics for me,too.
I am abled to setup, maintain, extend and administrate Linux/Unix and Windows systems and I am familiar with MySQL / Postgres / Oracle / MongoDB and OrientDB from the developer and the administrator perspectives, including backup, scaling and failover.

Javascript, CSS 3 and HTML 5 are subject to my daily work and I am used to work with Git, Mercurial and Subversion.

Specialties: Web applications, HTML 5, PHP, network-/communication-based applications, single page applications and APIs.